Journal about – Existential Therapy


From year 2003 – 2007 EEAET published international journal “Existential tradition: philosophy, psychology, psychotherapy” twice a year. Since year 2008 association publishes a new journal “Existentia:  psychology and psychotherapy”. Journal is published once a year in Russian and is 300 pages long. In year 2011 a special edition was published: “Philosophy” and in 2015 a special edition in English came out, where all the best member articles were collected that were published in “Existentia” until then.

Mostly journal`s  authors are EEAET members from at least 7 countries. In many cases association`s honorary members are invited to be authors along with other long-term collages from UK, USA and other countries. Number of authors grows every year.  As a matter of honor to publish an article in  “Existentia:  psychology and psychotherapy” is considered by representatives from related professional fields, who believe to have existential aspects in their work as well. Main purpose of journal is to deepen an understanding of existential therapy related questions and bring awareness of existential paradigm. Journal articles vary from scientific research and philosophical essays to summaries of practice and experience. Usually the most popular kind of articles are case studies written by therapy students or collages with a considerably rich experience. Every issue has a theme that is explored from many different angles by each author. 

If by readign an article or summary you get interested in reaing an original journal, please contact us